What does a charity Trustee do?

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Charity Trustees are responsible for setting the organisations vision, for leading our strategic direction, for compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, our performance and quality assurance and for ensuring that we operate within the Home-Start Standards & Methods of Practise and Home-Start Agreement. The board of trustees is also responsible for employment of our staff, for ensuring prudent financial and asset management and security, good governance and the promotion of Home-Start Leeds.

The Trustees primary role is to ensure that all of our resources are used efficiently and effectively to further the charitable objects of Home-Start Leeds which are:

  • To safeguard, protect and preserve the good health both mental and physical of children and parents of children
  • To prevent cruelty to or maltreatment of children
  • To relieve sickness, poverty and need amongst children and parents of children
  • To promote the education of the public in better standards of childcare within the area of the City of Leeds and it's environs
  • For more information about being a charity trustee please have a look at the Charity Commission website www.charitycommission.gov.uk