Volunteer Journey – Rosie

A young Mum of two children was referred to Home-Start by the Stronger Families Key worker. 

She was unsure about whether she wanted the volunteer family support service or to become a home visiting volunteer. 

One of our Home-Start coordinators visited her at home and explained about the family support service and about what volunteering with us is all about.

Mum decided that volunteering was the right option for her. She then completed our selection process and was invited to attend our ‘preparation course’ for potential volunteers. 

The preparation course involved a couple of hours attendance, one day a week, for 14 weeks. During the first few sessions the mother was extremely quiet.  She told our coordinator at a later stage that, at this point in time she didn’t think she would be able to make it through the whole preparation course. 

Staff observed that as the course progressed and she attended each session the mother’s confidence and self-esteem grew. She became actively involved in discussions and activities with both large and smaller groups. She started to contribute to discussions spontaneously rather than waiting to be asked by a coordinator ‘if she had anything to add’. 

Mum has now completed the Preparation course and is looking forward to being matched with a family very soon.

Completing the preparation course and becoming an active volunteer will contribute enormously to Mum’s skills development and preparation for employment. 

Feedback from the new volunteer about attending the preparation course:

“It was good”

“I have learnt a lot about issues within families”

“I have become a more reflective person”

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