Being able to talk without being judged proved crucial to this Mum with longstanding traumas in her own childhood to begin dealing with the challenges of being a parent herself

Mum was referred by their local Children’s Centre. She experienced post-natal depression with her second child resulting in poor attachment. She has since had another child and although the arrival of her third child was easier for Mum, she still has low mood and a difficult relationship with her two-year-old. The family is subject to a Child Protection Plan due to DA.

Both Mum and Dad are violent towards each other, both struggle with their mental health. The home conditions are poor, and it has been established the flat they are living in is unsuitable due to lack of space and conditions. Mum has expressed the living conditions are one of her main problems and contributes to one of her child’s health issues. Mum has had a very traumatic past which she says she has not dealt with.

Mum was matched within a month of referral to an experienced volunteer. Mum feels this has been a great help for her emotionally as the volunteer really listens. As well as the emotional support the volunteer has encouraged Mum to engage with services and has suggested that Mum gets involved with her local community charity shop when she has childcare. Mum’s self-esteem is beginning to increase, and she feel less isolated. 

Quote from Mum:

“I feel very comfortable talking to my volunteer, I find it difficult to open up to people I don’t know but I instantly hit it off with both my co-ordinator and volunteer.” 

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