“Having someone there that didn’t judge me”

Mum has an older child and a young baby aged 8 months. She has contact with the children’s father.

Mum talked about how her social worker recommended Home-Start as she was struggling in lock-down with a new baby. She needed help with sorting out the house as mum felt unprepared as the baby was due earlier than expected. Home-Start did an initial visit on the doorstep.

“The Home-Start co-ordinator was lovely, so happy and bubbly, it made me feel happy”.

Home-Start then found a volunteer to support mum, at first via Zoom and then meeting face-to-face.

The Home-Start volunteer would ring at the same time every week to have a chat. Mum said:

“During lockdown I became quite lonely, I probably have one friend, but I tend to keep things to myself, I’m on good terms with the father of my children, but I rarely go out and I tend to isolate myself. I didn’t know what to do or where to go. Having a chat was lovely. My little one absolutely loves the volunteer. We would chat about anything particularly if I felt out-of-sorts. They were really understanding”.

Mum talked about the practical help that Home-Start provided such as bedding and a bed as well as ordering some storage boxes which were delivered so mum could have a proper sort out in the house.

“The storage boxes have been so useful. Home-Start also researched where I could get help and where to go, they have been great with advice.”

“We never knew about Home-Start before and they do amazing work, having volunteers and helping out in any way they can”.

Mum said that dad is also now receiving support from Home-Start as he also tends to isolate himself and he said how helpful having a male volunteer has been. 

“It’s a really good thing to have and we hope Home-Start continues.”

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