Volunteer Journey – Jane L

Jane was a Home-Start Leeds volunteer for 12 years.

After her husband died Jane felt down and knew there was a big gap in her life that she wanted to fill but didn’t know how.

However, she knew that she was at an age (late 50’s) when for the first time she could choose to do something totally for herself, free of the expectations of other people.

Jane saw a Home-Start poster when she took her friend to the dentist and took the number; she contacted Home-Start the same day.

“When I first came to Home-Start I felt welcomed and listened to and felt Home-Start could possibly be for me”.

“The preparation course was fantastic, it gave me self- awareness, I looked at other people and situations differently and my confidence started to come back”.

“If I could bottle the feeling of satisfaction, I get from being a Home-Start volunteer I would be a millionaire. I feel I make a difference to people; it may only be in small ways – feeling comfortable to sit with me and cry for two hours as they have told me I am the only person they are able to do that with”.

Jane’s family commented on how she was no longer in the shadows and was more like herself.

“Home-Start changed my life”!

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