What do home visiting volunteers do?

Our volunteers visit families in their own home regularly (usually weekly) and offer parents and their children support, friendship, practical help, a listening ear and lots of encouragement.

They build warm and supportive relationships with children and parents, working together to overcome challenges and offering the kind of support that suits each family best.

The most important 'gift' our volunteers offer families is their 'time' to listen and care. They also offer some practical help, such as supporting families to attend appointments, do their shopping and plan meals, make the home safe for the children, encouraging them to join in local groups and activities like outings to the park and children centres to meet other families.

When necessary they will accompany families to meetings and appointments i.e GP's, Citizens advice, social work meetings often offering the essential moral support.

Volunteers work with parents to help them overcome their stresses and challenges and start to enjoy their children and family life.