Investing in Volunteers Awarded


Home-Start Leeds have secured the IIV for another 3 years (Oct 2019 – Oct 2022). We would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone that was involved and a big special thank you to our volunteers who came in and spoke with the assessor.

Here are some quotes from some of our volunteers and their experiences with volunteering with Home-Start:

“I changed careers through volunteering with home-Start Leeds, did an NVQ, got great experience and now I’m a Mental Health Nurse; Volunteering is such a contrast with my work”

“Being able to volunteer has really built up my confidence, meeting other volunteers is amazing too. It’s great being among adults and has helped my future pathway for my career”

“I feel like I have grown, I am resilient; volunteering has given me a better understanding of Domestic Violence, it’s really helped me, taught me to be more understanding, more mindful of other people’s journeys”

“I get a lot out of volunteering, sometimes it can be emotionally draining, but its made a big difference to me. I’m so much more confident; I love it!”

“Volunteering has been great for my Self-esteem. Volunteering at Home-Start has helped me with my own family too”

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