“Home-Start really care”

During Covid, Home-Start have provided a range of support including computer tablets and phone calls. The tablets enabled mum to have some “human interaction”. This was especially useful in the first lock-down.

What we achieved supporting parents during Covid 19 pandemic

Feedback from parents supported during the pandemic included “Home-Start are like angels”, “They were there when I needed them”, “We never knew about Home-Start before and they do amazing work, having volunteers and helping out in any way they can”, “I hope Home-Start would always be around to support families in Leeds”.

Covid 19 didn’t stop us when this family with complex issues including post-natal depression and domestic violence desperately needed extra support

The family were referred to Home-Start by a PNMH nurse as mum was suffering with post-natal depression and has an unstable relationship with the children’s father with domestic violence present. Mum has moved from another city and is isolated with both children at home. Mum was living in private rented accommodation, however, could not afford …

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A recent bereavement on top of post-natal depression and physical health problems this Mum understandably needed our support

Mum made a self- referral to Home-start Leeds after suffering a recent bereavement. Mum has the support of a Community Psychiatric Nurse and The Mount (perinatal mental health service) since the birth of her eldest child. Mum also suffers from ME (chronic fatigue syndrome) and battles with anxiety & depression; often feeling overwhelmed by the …

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Mum’s mental health needs were impacting the family, practical and emotional support helped both mum and dad as they struggled with managing their home

The family (Mum, Dad, 2 children) were referred to Home-Start Leeds by a Stronger Families’ key worker due to the impact of the mum’s mental health needs.   The Home-Start co-ordinator made an initial visit, when both parents were at home, and talked through how Home-Start could help. In the first visit Mum shared a …

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Being able to talk without being judged proved crucial to this Mum with longstanding traumas in her own childhood to begin dealing with the challenges of being a parent herself

Mum was referred by their local Children’s Centre. She experienced post-natal depression with her second child resulting in poor attachment. She has since had another child and although the arrival of her third child was easier for Mum, she still has low mood and a difficult relationship with her two-year-old. The family is subject to a Child Protection Plan due to DA. …

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A family affected by isolation and language barriers were able to increase engagement with their community and improve their positive parenting

The family were referred to Home-start Leeds by their health visitor. They had moved to England from Pakistan 8 years previously. Mum spoke very little English and had little support from extended family as they all still live in Pakistan. Dad tried to help when not working but Mum felt isolated, suffered from depression and …

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