“Home-Start really care”

Mum is 28 years of age and has one child aged 4 years. HS have supported for approx. 3 years.

During Covid, Home-Start have provided a range of support including computer tablets and phone calls. The tablets enabled mum to have some “human interaction”. This was especially useful in the first lock-down when there was no nursery and mum struggled with looking after her little boy.

The tablet enabled access to the internet and in particular, the peer support group and courses. Mum’s iPhone had broken before Christmas. “I do everything on-line”.

Home-Start provided a few activity packs for example, themed for Easter and colouring books. They also provided pamper packs for mum; bath soaps and little things that mum couldn’t afford to buy.

Home-Start also had weekly phone calls and as lock down restrictions were lifted, the opportunity to go for a walk with the volunteer.

“Getting out of the house and going for a walk with someone was a huge help”.

“No one else offers the support that HS provide. From looking from the outside, it might not look like much but it is really good; just having a conversation. Please keep doing with you are doing. Home-Start actually care, more than the other services out there. The activity with ideas of what to do and the newsletter every month; ideas of what I can do, even 10 minutes of something to do with my child. It gives me other ideas of what to do. In the pamper pack there was also a booklet of 50 things to do with your child which was brilliant”

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