Celerating Success – ‘Investors in Volunteers’

A huge congratulations to our Volunteers and Staff Team.

Home-Start Leeds has had confirmation of our ‘Investors in Volunteers’ accreditation for the next three


In our assessment we received ‘Fully Met’ in all six Quaity Area:

  • Vision for volunteering
  • Planning for Volunteers
  • Volunteer inclusion
  • Recruiting and welcoming Volunteers
  • Supporting Volunteers
  • Valuing and developing Volunteers

The following ‘Strengths’ were identified:

• Quality of Volunteer Training
• Supporting & Caring for Volunteers
• Impact of Volunteers have and how they are valued
• Recognising the skills and knowledge Volunteers bring
• Volunteers learning from each other

If you would like to Volunteer for us have a look at our website Volunteer – Home-Start Leeds

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