A recent bereavement on top of post-natal depression and physical health problems this Mum understandably needed our support

Mum made a self- referral to Home-start Leeds after suffering a recent bereavement. Mum has the support of a Community Psychiatric Nurse and The Mount (perinatal mental health service) since the birth of her eldest child. Mum also suffers from ME (chronic fatigue syndrome) and battles with anxiety & depression; often feeling overwhelmed by the needs of her children also exacerbated by her baby son suffering with reflux and constant crying. Mum is taking anti-depressants.

Mum has accessed a 6 weeks counselling course but feels she would benefit from further therapy sessions however struggles to access childcare. She has few friends and family to rely on and her husband works long hours. A Family Outcome Star assessment was carried out which confirmed 3 main areas of need around emotional wellbeing, physical health and social networks. Through weekly visits the volunteer has built a positive relationship with Mum. 

After 3 months a co-ordinator arranged a review of the support and noted the following outcomes:

Mum feels supported emotionally as she has someone outside the situation to talk to and offload to.

Due to the volunteer initially accompanying her and providing an extra pair of hands to assist with the children, Mum feels empowered to look for local groups to access although there appears to be a lack of these in her area. 

On completion of a Family Outcome Star review, Mum feels she is supported emotionally by the volunteer, however the lack of local groups can often make her still feel isolated. Mum is now able to access counselling from the Cruise Bereavement service as the volunteer looks after the children whilst she attends the sessions. Her mental health is improving as a result.

Quotes from the family…

“I was so worried that I would be told I was a rubbish mum, I was so wrong. I am so glad I rang to ask for support.”

“I feel like things are heading in the right direction now.”

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